Ash Parish Council

Meetings - Finance

The Finance and Administration Committee hold 11 meetings per annum and is served by the following councillors:

Cllr Paul Spooner(Chairman)
Cllr Laurence Armes (Vice-Chairman)
Cllr Bill Cole
Cllr Nigel Manning
Cllr Mrs Jo Randall
Cllr Mrs Pat Scott

Cllr Martin Burgess
Cllr John Tonks

The function of the committee is set out below:

Activities and Matters to Report

Consideration of all Policy Matters, Standing Orders, Recommendations, Financial Matters of all Committees, Receipt & Payments Accounts, Assessment of Charges, Monthly Statements of Expenditure, Annual Estimates of Committees, Renewal Fund Recommendations, Parish Council Tax Recommendations, Budget Control, Banking & Investments, Annual Audit, Calendar of Meetings, Staffing:-

Implementation of Conditions of Service, Superannuation, Lease & Contract Agreements, V.A.T. Returns, Progress Chasing.


Council Accounts, Staff Employment Records, Wage & Salary Allocation, Expenditure Allocation, Property Deeds, Lease & Contract Agreements, Register of Members Interest.


Monthly Expenditure, Receipt Income, Investment Income, Precept, Concurrent Function Grant.